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A Comprehensive Guide to Klint Nicotine Pouches

A Comprehensive Guide to Klint Nicotine Pouches

The Snus Expert |

Klint marks the debut product line from HABIT FACTORY, rooted in Scandinavia. These pouches are characterized by their pure white appearance and come in a selection of twelve distinct flavours, offering a range of nicotine strengths from 6mg to 16mg.

How do I use Klint nicotine pouches?

For optimal enjoyment and effect, position the pouch between your upper lip and gum. This placement allows you to experience the stimulating buzz, which can persist for around 30 minutes. The slim design of Klint pouches ensures they remain unnoticeable. It is advised to use the pouch for no more than one hour, after which it should be discarded properly or temporarily stored in the can's lid compartment for later disposal.

Selecting the Correct Nicotine Strength

Choosing the right nicotine strength of Klint pouches should reflect your history with nicotine products. If uncertain, it's wise to begin with a lower strength, such as 6mg, to gauge your tolerance.

Choosing Your Preferred Klint Flavour

Selecting a Klint flavour aligns with personal taste preferences:

- For enthusiasts of fruity tastes, options include Rose, White Mulberry, Honeymelon, Passionfruit, Fresh Lime, Cola Lime or Pomegranate.

- Those preferring a classic coolness might opt for Mint, Arctic Mint, Polar Mint, or Apple Mint.

- For an authentic Scandinavian taste, the Liquorice flavour stands out as a unique choice.

If you're still undecided, explore our diverse range of Klint nicotine pouches for more insight!

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