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Established in 2005 in Dalarna, Sweden, XQS nicotine pouches have been pioneers in the pouch movement, driven by a strong commitment to providing top-tier flavours. The brand's core values—Passion, Experience, Vision, and Responsibility—reflect its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Experience an elevated and authentically Swedish nicotine pouch experience with XQS!

XQS nicotine pouches offer a compelling reason to break away from smoking habits. Weighing just 0.5g per pouch, they are incredibly lightweight and discreet, ensuring seamless use regardless of the setting.

What sets XQS nicotine pouches apart? Unlike many newcomers, XQS has nearly two decades of experience under its belt, showcasing a wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated over time.

Furthermore, XQS stands out for its remarkable focus on flavours. The brand is akin to a culinary maestro in the world of nicotine pouches, continuously experimenting and refining. Whether it's the essence of dark cherries or the indulgence of toffees, XQS guarantees each pouch delivers a delightful burst of flavour.

In addition to its flavour prowess, XQS emphasizes its commitment to sustainability by offering recyclable canisters, underscoring its dedication to eco-friendly practices. With XQS, you can enjoy flavourful nicotine pouches while making a positive environmental impact.