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Lundgrens nicotine pouches, crafted by the esteemed Swedish brand Fiedler & Lundgren and now under the ownership of industry leader British American Tobacco (BAT), are at the forefront of innovation within the nicotine pouch industry. Their notable eco-conscious approach sets them apart, with a deliberate selection of sustainable materials, including bio-based plastics, showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility. Additionally, Lundgrens distinguishes itself by incorporating FlexLock™ lids to conveniently store used pouches.

Primarily, Lundgrens nicotine pouches offer users a unique taste of Sweden, reminiscent of the country's natural essence, from the crispness of mountain air to the richness of forest undertones. With a diverse range of flavours available, there's something to cater to every palate.

Furthermore, Lundgrens' dedication to eco-friendliness is a significant factor in its appeal. By utilizing bio-based plastics and prioritizing raw materials, the brand not only fulfils the demand for sustainable products but also demonstrates reverence for the environment that serves as its inspiration. It's evident why environmentally conscious consumers gravitate towards Lundgrens.